Balanced life coaching

Dedicated to helping you find sustainable solutions that work for YOUR everyday life.



Balanced Life Coaching with Amy is for you if…

You don't have time for self-care (but know it's necessary)

You don't know where to start to find a work / family / life balance

You're not really sure what you need to do, to support yourself

You know you HAVE to do something

You want to empower yourself with natural, sustainable solutions that will allow you to connect with yourself and others.

But maybe you’re just not sure HOW to do that.

Hi! I'm Amy

I’m here to help you find balance in your every day and live a life you LOVE.

How do I do that? By holding space and listening, while using all of the areas I’m trained and experienced in to help you create a balanced lifestyle plan that can be implemented immediately.

Here’s what’s included:

Personalized coaching

Individual plans, designed just for you. I also work with any age – kids, tweens, teens, adults! Spanish speakers welcome!

3 or 6 months of coaching (can be extended)

We meet on Zoom and our sessions incorporate conversation, plan creation, movement & meditation practices, and more.

Payment plan options

Paid-in-full, payment plans and sliding scale options are available.

balanced life coaching

Balance Coaching sessions with Amy were just what I needed. Over the past several months I have been sitting at my desk more and more resulting in stiffness in neck and back, as well as general discomfort. I was also having some other physical issues. Amy held a non-judgmental space for me to explore both the surface level issues and what was transpiring deeper within. She made suggestions based on her wide variety of skills and expertise.

With her guidance, I incorporated essential oils, body movement, informal and formal mindfulness practices, and self-care into my daily routine. We also talked about creative solutions to improve my physical self-care while working from my home office. By integrating Amy’s solutions into my day I have decreased back and neck pain, increased energy, and feel more creative and inspired. I am so grateful for Amy’s coaching and definitely have more balance in my body and my life.”