Bite-Sized Balance Tip: Read something uplifting

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A post for my Educator Community…

How are you doing with living your most balanced life both in and out of school? I emphasize your because that definitely looks different for everyone.

I am always saving uplifting words that I see so that I can come back to them again to get those little reminders I need.

Sometimes it’s a quote, sometimes a poem. Other times it’s a blog or words I heard on a podcast.

I like to take pictures of things I see in books, save quotes I see on social media, and create images of my own with inspiring words. I even created a note on my phone titled “The way I roll” where I’ll drop the images I create or capture so that I have a go-to place where I know I can always look to find some words that help me come back to me.

Here are a couple of things with similar themes I recently came across that really resonated with me:

read something uplifting

What are some of YOUR favorite quotes, poems, or books that keep you feeling inspired? Leave a comment to share with me, I’d love to hear from you and add more to my collection!


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