Bite-Sized Balance Tip: Release the school year

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We made it!

I don’t know about you, but for me, this school year was something.

There were a whole lot of positive things, AND I also had some aspects that were really rough spots. I know I need to do some releasing and letting go. How about you?

Here’s a Bite-Sized Balance Tip:

Do something to symbolize releasing the school year!

Before I left my classroom on our last day, I stood at the door and turned to look at my room. I took a moment to take it all in and acknowledge everything I was feeling in that moment and had felt throughout the school year.

I needed to “close the door” on the year in some way.

I took that moment to speak some words into the empty room – for myself, to bring that closure. Then I turned and closed the actual door.

The exact words I spoke aren’t important. It’s the act of speaking them – whatever words YOU need to say that support you in letting go to really enjoy your summer.

And if that feels a little silly to you, say the words silently to yourself or write them down.

We can all close the door to the school year – literally and figuratively – in our own way.

Even if you’re already into summer, you can still create a letting go experience for yourself. Find a space in your home or out in nature and simply imagine yourself standing in your classroom doorway. Take that moment for yourself, even if it’s a few moments in silence or taking 3 deep breaths in with sighing exhales (I call those “letting go breaths”).

Do what’s right for you.

This all certainly doesn’t mean that we forget everything when we let it go. But it DOES mean that we choose not to continue allowing it to affect us and potentially weigh us down during this season of lighter days!

Stay tuned for some other helpful things you can do that might help you move into more relaxation and renewal this summer.


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