How to create a calming classroom

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Do you feel calm, comfortable, and at ease in the classroom where you teach?

You could!

And that would be a step in the right direction for finding balance during your school day.

It might sound simple, but that’s one gift I’ve given myself and a big way that I’ve helped myself to feel centered and balanced in those moments of overwhelm and stress that inevitably come with being an educator. Having that sense of comfort in a calming environment I created helps me to feel more at peace when things get tough.

Bonus – it does the same for my students!

Check out these easy ways to start:

  • Add string lights and lamps. Turn off those bright fluorescent lights!
  • Make your desk a peaceful & inspiring place with calming tools & inspiring messages.
  • Swap out some desks & chairs for comfy seating options. 😉 Start with your own seating areas first!

You can find many things easily if you tell friends & family what your goal is, and sometimes people will donate or point you in the direction of affordable finds.

(take a look at my Instagram for inspiration!)

Yes, it takes time to get there, and a little bit of money, too. But in the end it’s all worth it! You’ll have a space that helps you feel more at ease and makes taking a moment to pause and breathe feel more accessible.

Have you created a flexible seating or calming/comfy classroom? Take a pic and share it with me!


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