One of my passions is speaking to groups and at conferences (in person or online!) about how to bring more mindfulness into classrooms, schools and districts.


Hi! I’m Amy.

Since 2001, I’ve worked as a Spanish teacher for school districts in Pennsylvania.

Now, I’m combining my knowledge of the school system with my background in yoga and mindfulness to teach kids, teachers and administrators how to both create a mindful classroom and a more balanced life.

I would LOVE to support your group! Use the contact form below to reach out and chat about the needs of your school or district.

You can also join my Balance For Educators Virtual Mindfulness Group!

Topics I can speak on include:


The Mindful Classroom

 Tips and Strategies for Teachers

Do you want to create a positive, peaceful, and productive classroom?  Join Amy Necci, MEd, RYT-500, for discussion, ideas, resources, and experiences that will help you to transform your classroom environment step by step.  Amy is a middle school teacher who has also trained with Mindful Schools.  A mindful classroom is one where all involved work toward a place of focus, presence, and an awareness of everything in their experience.  This is beneficial in every classroom and can be especially relevant today as we strive to create an environment where it’s safe to take risks while learning, preparing students to thrive, even outside of their comfort zones.


Making Mindfulness Accessible to Kids and Adolescents

Are you curious about how to bring mindfulness into your classroom?  Are you concerned about doing it just right?  In this session you’ll learn the key principles of teaching mindfulness to our youth and simple strategies to help you to successfully integrate mindfulness as a regular practice in your classroom. 

Manageable Mindful Movement for Teachers


Take some time for you and learn some simple ways to incorporate mindful movement into your school day.  This session will be experiential and will adapt traditional yoga poses and stretches to a chair with an emphasis on breathing to help you to relax and relieve tension and stress.

Balanced Educator Self Care Strategies

What is self-care anyway?  I believe that it is the decision to do things for yourself as a means to live your most joyful life. It’s taking care of yourself not only physically, but also emotionally and paying attention to what fills you up.  We are all busy.  We all have stress in our lives. I propose that we step away from glorifying that and recognize that to be able to do for others, we first have to give back to ourselves.

Indulging yourself doesn’t have to be complicated!

Creating simple self-care experiences for yourself is as easy as A, B, C!   This session will explore various forms of self-care that you can use in the comfort and convenience of your own home, your classroom, or on the go including:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Centering Activities




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